Quick note to trans women re intersectionality:

Feminism was created by, about, and for human beings born female to address and fight against the ways in which females as a sex class are oppressed by males as a sex class (aka patriarchy). Intersectionality when applied to feminism is meant to highlight that although all females suffer under patriarchy, the exact manifestations of a female’s oppression can be and often is different depending upon other intersecting axes such as race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, religion, region, ability, sexual orientation, etc.

One of those intersecting axes is NOT birth sex. NO female is oppressed for having been born male because this would be a paradox.

What this means is that when trans women assert or imply that intersectional feminism necessarily requires feminists to shift focus from issues unique to females to issues affecting male-born people (trans women), this is yet another appropriation, derail, dilution of a movement meant to empower females. It’s Patriarchy As Usual™. Please stop doing this.

This is some fucked up transphobic bullshit. Trans women are women. Period.

Trans women don’t have periods.

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    Whether they pass or not, they face prejudice rooted in misogyny. The kind of prejudice experienced may be different,...
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    I really want someone to go through that dump of stupid links and tear them apart. The numbers/statistics of the studies...
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    "Demonstrating that willful ignorance makes it so much easier to be a misogynist MRA troll, eh?" "Get your own movement,...
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    Demonstrating that willful ignorance makes it so much easier to be a misogynist MRA troll, eh? Menstruation doesn’t...
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    Trans women who don’t pass as women experience transphobia, which is rooted in homophobia, which is rooted in misogyny...
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    I think no female is oppressed for being male. Trans women may identify as women but they are biologically male....
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